The Kansas Collaborative on Military Credit is part of an interstate partnership of 13 states advancing best practices designed to ease the transition of veterans and their families from military life to college campuses. The Military Articulation Portal (MAP) is a tool of this initiative, connecting service members to postsecondary credit awardable for military learning. Kansas public institutions have evaluated military training and have agreed to award postsecondary course credit for service members' acquired skills and education.

Credit for military training and learning is a type of credit for prior learning (CPL). More information about CPL can be found on the CPL website.

Credit for military training displayed on this site is not an all-inclusive list. While additional listings will be added over time, postsecondary credit may be available for other military learning based upon an institutional review of your Joint Services Transcript (JST) or DD-214. Check with each institution for more information.

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